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The safety of our consumers has always been of the highest priority to Greenplate®! This has attributed to the creation of our patented, safety, extra low voltage and high current element in our Electric Barbecues which never compromises on high heat capacity.

• Converts 240V to only 24V at the hotplate making it exceptionally safe for the end user with no chance of electrocution
• Due to the design of the Barbecue, the bench top surrounds do not incur any heat
• Perimeter of cookplate will not burn you if accidentally touched
• Fully conforming warning labels
• Cookplate to pre-heat allowing sterilisation to occur safely.
• Safe 28-minute Cooking Cycle, which automatically shuts down
• 5 second stop switch
• 6 second delay switch (child safety feature)
• Inbench Barbecue Unit is designed to be installed away from the edge of the bench top to stop little hands from reaching over and touching the cookplate
• Safe, rounded corners on all Equal Access Barbecue Benches
• Optional lift off or welded lids available
• Individual power supply to each Barbecue Unit with safety switch