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Greenplate Products

At Greenplate® Pty Ltd, all products are manufactured using high quality materials and superior workmanship. All Products are Designed to withstand harsh climatic conditions resulting in minimal maintenance over the Products Lifespan. All Greenplate products either meet or exceed the relevant Australian Standards and Certification requirements.


Solar Powered Solutions


    Solar Shelter Lighting

    • Solar powered
    • High quality Uni-Solar PVL Panels or High quality Framed Solar Panels used
    • Ability to adjoin other fused outlets for locking systems and water pumping applications

    Solar Powered Rigid Pole – Designed for…

    • Bud Lighting for Council Main Streets & Parks
    • Remote Truck Stops
    • Water Pumping and Lights
    • Surveillance Cameras & Transmitters
    • Dive Platforms, compressed Air pumping and lighting
    • Remote Properties household Power Supply
    • Each System is tailored to suit your individual requirements