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Greenplate Products

At Greenplate® Pty Ltd, all products are manufactured using high quality materials and superior workmanship. All Products are Designed to withstand harsh climatic conditions resulting in minimal maintenance over the Products Lifespan. All Greenplate products either meet or exceed the relevant Australian Standards and Certification requirements.


Solar Powered L.E.D Street Lighting Range


    Solar Powered L.E.D Street Light Head – Optional Rigid Pole Available

    • Solar module monocrystalline high performance 24 volt
    • 50 watt with 24 super high luminance 2 watt LED’s
    • Long life sealed unit construction
    • IP65 rating
    • Constant current operation
    • Suitable for mounting heights up to 8 meters.
    • Galvanized steel solar support frame
    • Automated solar controller
    • Marine grade twin core cabling plus wiring harness
    • Sealed batteries AGM sized for 3-5 day autonomy
    • Optional Powder Coating of Rigid Pole available

For Street Lighting and a Premium Light System, Brisbane Suppliers Turn to a Solar Powered Lights Manufacturer

Solar power is more affordable than ever. The decreasing cost of photovoltaic cells has led to suppliers offering more solar power options that can be adapted for use in new situations. This development extends to home solar energy use for domestic electricity, appliances like electric barbeques and grills, and now even the solar street lighting system in Brisbane.

When it comes to implementing an LED solar street lighting system, there are a few advantages that set these lights apart from traditional street lighting approaches. Greenplate®, a Brisbane-based company, is one of the suppliers that understand these distinctions and the technology behind them. Here are a few insights.

Why Consider Getting Additional Lights?

A well-placed lighting system from a reliable manufacturer can increase safety on a property. In locations such as walkways and paths, proper lighting can help to prevent trips and falling injuries.

Traditionally, lighting systems have simply connected into the power grid and drawn energy from the house, business, or municipality. Solar powered LED lighting systems offer a better approach. Depending on the lighting location, your solar lights can be installed to custom-fit to your lighting needs and property conditions.

The Role of a Solar Street Light Manufacturer

A solar lamp consists of four primary parts. The pole and lighting fixture are nearly identical to what you’ll find in conventional lighting. The manufacturer will set the pole at the appropriate height to be placed firmly into the ground. The lighting fixture needs both a strong casing to keep it safe from the elements and disperse the light properly and the correct bulb.

Unlike in a regular light pole, there are two additional components in solar powered lighting, with the crucial one being a solar panel. The solar street light manufacturer must properly place the panel to maximise its exposure during daylight hours without subjecting it to environmental conditions that may damage it. In areas of high wind, for example, solar panels are flat on the surface of the pole for safety in exchange for the loss of some efficiency.

The second component of the solar street lighting system is the rechargeable battery. Solar powered LED street lights for Brisbane are a popular solution for a reason: as weather and sun exposure change drastically over time in a location, users can make the most of sunny days with the right solar network and battery support. A high-quality battery is an effective solution on overcast days that would otherwise provide insufficient power. These batteries store “extra” sun from brighter days later use in inclement or simply cloudy weather.

Buy Solar Solutions from an Australian Company

Greenplate® opts to use high-quality components to provide solar powered street lights to Brisbane. Review some of the specifics of our LED solar powered street light. As suppliers of all kinds of solar systems, we constantly seek the best methods and materials to bring effective solar solutions to you. Contact us to find out more.