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Greenplate Products

At Greenplate® Pty Ltd, all products are manufactured using high quality materials and superior workmanship. All Products are Designed to withstand harsh climatic conditions resulting in minimal maintenance over the Products Lifespan. All Greenplate products either meet or exceed the relevant Australian Standards and Certification requirements.


Solar Powered Batten Lighting

    Solar Batten Light

    Greenplate All In One Solar Batten Light

    • Easy DIY Installation
    • Phillips LEDs 6000K
    • 15W/ 1800 Lumens
    • Comes Standard with Motion Sensor
    • Built In Lithium Battery
    • Built In MPPT Charge Controller
    • Working Temperature of -20 to +55
    • Weather Rating of IP65
    • 2 Year Warranty
    • Solar Panel Mounting Brackets Included.
    • One Remote Controller Included for Adjusting Lighting Operation.
    • Product Size 92* x 84* 900mm
    • Vandal Resistant Cages are Available