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Greenplate Products

At Greenplate® Pty Ltd, all products are manufactured using high quality materials and superior workmanship. All Products are Designed to withstand harsh climatic conditions resulting in minimal maintenance over the Products Lifespan. All Greenplate products either meet or exceed the relevant Australian Standards and Certification requirements.


Greenplate® Electric P.I.D Inbench Barbecue Unit

    BBQ Plate Front on

    Greenplate® Electric P.I.D Inbench Barbecue Unit


    • Patented Technology. (Australian Patent Number: 761137)
    • Safety Extra Low Voltage operation – Converts 240 volts to 24 volts at the hotplate via a Toroidal Transformer.
    • PID Digital Temperature Control for even and precise cooking, no more stewing food. Adjustable 50°C – 400°C with built in cycle counter
    • Commercial Grade LDX Duplex Stainless Steel 2205 non warping mono pressed cooking plate.
    • Power coasts Savings – Greenplate® Barbecues only use 1.8 kilowatts of power as compared to other brand Barbecues that use 3.6 kilowatts or more (50% + power savings).
    • Installation Cost Savings – Barbecue Comes fully assembled for ease of installation. Lower power demands require smaller cabling saving money on initial installation
    • 28 Minute cooking cycle (Time can be adjusted at order stage)
    • Child Safety option available, Push and hold for 6 second start.
    • Operates on a single 10-amp circuit with a 20-amp RCBO C-Curve type A
    • Quick release hold down bracket for rapid removal of barbecue in flood or bush fire situations.
    • Under and over voltage protection with consumer rest via push button.
    • University/NATA tested and approved
    • Increased Product Warranty, 5 years on heating element, 2 years on electronics, lifetime structural.
    • Available in 230VAC/7.8 amp or 200VAC/9 amp, 50/60Hz self-selecting