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Solar Electric BBQ Range

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Solar Electric BBQ Range

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The Greenplate® Electric Barbecue for Outdoor BBQ’s.

  • Retrofit + Custom Electric BBQ Range

    Retrofit + Custom Electric BBQ Range


  • Matilda Electric BBQ Range

    Matilda Electric
    BBQ Range


  • Myles Electric BBQ Range

    Myles Electric
    BBQ Range


  • Solar Electric BBQ Range

    Solar Electric
    BBQ Range


Greenplate are the Leader’s in Safe, Energy Efficient,
Electric Barbecues and Solar Products.

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Once upon a time, electricity was considered magic. Even today, if you wipe a dry wool cloth on a plastic rod, and the static electricity attracts paper snippets, people gape in astonishment.Electricity has made so many things easier in our lives. Just think of lighting, TV’s, refrigerators, air-conditioners, ovens, and many more appliances. Even cars drive on electricity, and their numbers are increasing. For a while, this mode of energy was out of fashion, but now, as we can produce increasingly greener electricity, it’s back.

Eco-friendly and safe: Greenplate®’s outdoor electric barbecue

Your old BBQ has given its last spark, and you need to replace it. You find it self-evident to invest your money in a new outdoor barbecue that is waterproof, weatherproof, clean, and energy-efficient. So do we at Greenplate®, and there are many other factors too which we find just as important as you do! Every Greenplate® outdoor electric barbecue uses a patented element design which saves consumers upwards of 50% in energy savings.

“Electric?” we hear you ask. “Is that safe? What about all those electric cables in wind and rain?” Have no worry, our barbecues are among the safest on the market, either meeting or exceeding the relevant Australian Standards and Certification requirements. They are manufactured using high-quality materials and superior workmanship. Every outdoor barbecue in our product range is designed to withstand harsh climatic conditions.

We cannot begin to name the advantages to an outdoor electric BBQ; so many are there. Since you’re not working with an open flame, no smoke will develop. Neither do you need to worry about ozone emission or VOC’s (volatile organic compounds). You don’t have to stack up bags of charcoal or piles of wood in a dry place. All you need to do is put the plug in, wait 8 minutes for the cooking plate to reach the right temperature, and you can start to grill.

Hot enough

You tell us that according to experts, electric doesn’t get as hot as gas. Wrong! Every Greenplate® outdoor electric BBQ reaches consistent temperatures of 320 degrees. Not hot enough, you protest? Too high a temperature will dry out that juicy meat you put on the cooking plate, or may even reduce it to charcoal. Grilling to perfection is all about the appropriate dosage and even distribution of heat. By the way, our outdoor BBQ has a minimum temperature of 50 degrees. If you are a slow roasting aficionado, don’t forget to purchase a lid for your cooking plate.

Magic anew!

Electricity surrounds us and has become an integral part of our lives. There’s nothing mysterious about it anymore. But when you switch on your outdoor BBQ and witness how it rapidly heats up, you’ll still feel surprised. When you are grilling some lovely steaks, delicate fish, or marinated vegetables, with your guests eagerly waiting in line holding their empty plates and following your every move, there is an aura of magic about that too.

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