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Greenplate® are passionate about providing inclusive opportunities to persons of All Abilities!

DDA compliant Equal Access Barbecues are manufactured from 316 stainless steel and are wheelchair accessible from all four sides unlike other All Abilities Barbecues on the market that only have access from one side.  Greenplate® have ensured that the bench top around the cooking surface is sizable and the height regulations are adhered to.

In our extensive consultation process in conforming to DDA compliancy, Greenplate® have further enhanced their Equal Access Barbecues by facilitating user ability for the visually impaired.  Through switch and instruction modifications and the use of a blue/white LED light as opposed to red/green, those with visual impairment can enjoy using Greenplate® Barbecues with ease and safety in mind.

The benefits to those with disabilities from practicing the physical and socialisation skill opportunities cannot be fully measured, however what we do know is that Greenplate® have bought smiles to many faces allowing those to enjoy what most of us take for granted and that is cooking and enjoying a Barbecue with family and friends.

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