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The Three Major Benefits of Choosing Greenplate® Electric Barbecues in North Brisbane or South Queensland for Public Use

Safeguarding our planet for future generations is an important responsibility we all face today. Lowering our environmental impact and looking for ways to live and work in more “green” ways means innovation is important — the same old way of …read more.

Are You Searching for Public Park BBQ Suppliers in Brisbane? Outfit Your Park with the Help of Greenplate®

Creating and maintaining public parks is crucial for providing inviting spaces where people want to live, and over time, it’s important to refresh existing parks, too. Adding amenities to these areas not only makes them more attractive spaces …read more.

Features to Look for When Selecting a Commercial Outdoor BBQ in Brisbane or Around South Queensland

Urban life has many attractive benefits, but it is still essential to maintain a link with the natural world. Parks are vital green spaces that serve not only to connect with nature but also often as popular gathering spaces for the public …read more.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Wholesale BBQ for Parks in Brisbane

Everyone loves a good cookout. It’s an opportunity to gather with friends or family and enjoy the opportunity for some “al fresco” dining. Sometimes that might take place at home, but in cities across Australia like Brisbane, it also often happens …read more.

Make Brisbane a Hot Spot with a Greenplate® Commercial Outdoor Bench BBQ

While Brisbane is a bustling city, many areas around it are pleasantly quiet and hold places of outstanding beauty, including sights everyone must see. You consider yourself lucky to own a holiday centre near Brisbane. Business is thriving because …read more.

Be Eco-BBQ-Logic with the Greenplate® Environmentally-Friendly Barbecue

What is the secret ingredient of outdoor cooking that makes food taste so delicious? Can it be a connection to our ancestors roasting their catch over an open fire? Perhaps it’s the reminiscence of childhood memories, or the hardship …read more.

Greenplate® Commercial Electric Barbecue for a Neighbourhood BBQ Party

As soon as spring starts bringing us dry and cloudless weather, our yearning grows to be outside. When the sun shines, the world looks a different place. With such positive thoughts, you peer through your window and wonder what you and your …read more.

The Greenplate® Electric barbecue for outdoor BBQ Yumminess

Once upon a time, electricity was considered magic. Even today, if you wipe a dry wool cloth on a plastic rod, and the static electricity attracts paper snippets, people gape in astonishment. …read more.

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